Welcome To The Kinetic Casting Engine!

Kinetic Media Engine, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of our KineticStudio™ Network and Software!

KineticStudioTM has been built from the ground up by a software developer with working production experience, in Assistant Director department, camera, wardrobe, location management, etc.  

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the professional relationshipos and business conduct between all aspects of the production chain.  We do NOT want to replace agencies or casting directors... we want to help them do the best job they can do.

KineticCasting.com is the professional Casting gateway to KineticStudio.  Once you create your Casting Agency account, you can invite your Clients and your Talent Providers to your Kinetwork Relationships and start collaborating on projects.  You control which agencies to invite for Talent submission and you select which Talent to invite to auditions and/or present to your clients.

For Talent and Talent Agencies, KineticTalent.com is the ultimate portfolio and professional networking tool.  Giving you an independent portfolio page which can be used by you for self-promotion as well as by your Agency for professional project submission.

Thank you for visiting KineticCasting.com and please contact us with any questions or desire to participate!





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